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About the Project

O Douglas! O Douglas! Tender and True

Balladeer Charlie Zahm, Piper Charlie Glendinning and Scot Ken Siddle 

present music and poetry related to the Families of Douglas

Ballads and Poetry

Scotland's musical and literary treasure trove illuminates the lives of Douglases who were often chronicled by poets and balladeers.

Bagpipes: Vintage and Contemporary

Marches and lyrical commemoration.

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Alexandria, Virginia, United States

CD Content


Scots Wha Hae (Zahm) 

Declaration of Arbroath (Siddle)

Scots Wha Hae (Glendinning) 

The Black Douglas (Zahm)

Hush Ye, Hush Ye (Siddle)

Castle Dangerous (Glendinning) 

Annie Laurie (Zahm)

The Maid of Neidpath (Siddle)

In the Garb of Old Gaul (Glendinning)

Blue Bonnets over the Border (Zahm)  

Dumbarton's Drums (Glendinning)

Such a Parcel of Rogues in a Nation (Siddle)

Dumbarton's Drums (Zahm)

Golden Anniversary of Gilbert and Sally (Glendinning)

Reviews of CD

“I have been moved to tears. My favorite is Charlie Zahm singing Dumbarton's Drums." 

"What a superbly representative collection of music and poems the CD contains! I have enjoyed the 'old' and the 'new'." 

"This is done with excellence. The music, the packaging, the selections. Most unique." 

"O Douglas, O Douglas, Tender and True is a tremendous tribute to the cultural heritage of all Scots, and the Douglas Families in particular." 

"We immediately listened through the entire CD several times while my husband read the explanatory booklet from cover to cover - very impressive!" 

"We have really enjoyed O Douglas, O Douglas, Tender and True. The art work, presentation and description on your cover are exceptional.”  

Charlie Zahm, Balladeer

Celtic Singer and Songwriter Charlie Zahm is known for his ability to create musical images of Scottish history through exquisite performances of ballads, playful melodies, and slow airs. The grace of his baritone voice is equaled by his technically mature and interpretive musicality on the guitar, banjo, mandolin, flute, whistle, and bodhran. Particularly because of his Canadian roots, Mr. Zahm additionally enjoys a strong reputation both as a writer and interpreter of Maritime music and as one who is committed to his craft. His favorite guitars include his Martin D-45, L’arrivee J-10, and Taylor 955. More details about Mr. Zahm, his compositions, and his many other recordings may be found at www.charliezham.com

Charlie Glendinning, Bagpiper

Piper Charlie Glendinning started on the piano at three and switched a few years later to the violin which he studied seriously through high school. He played with the American Light Opera Company, The Annapolis Symphony, and as a high school senior, won the National School Orchestra Award. At that time, he began playing the bagpipes. Over his 30-year piping career he played with what is now the City of Washington Pipe Band, serving as Pipe Major for a time but mostly Pipe Sergeant. On this recording Mr. Glendinning is playing a 1912 Lawrie bagpipes with a Sinclair chanter from the early 50s. “The Golden Anniversary of Gilbert and Sally” is included in his newly released collection of bagpipe music, details of which may be found atwww.moonstarmusic.com. 

Why the name?

“O Dowglass! O Dowglass! Tendir and Trewe” are lines from the allegorical and alliterative poem, The Buke of the Howlat (The Book of the Owl) by Richard Holland. The history of the “bloody heart” of Robert the Bruce carried by James the Good was early recorded in this poem. Written around 1450 while the Douglases were at the height of their prosperity, The Buke celebrates the family and is recognized as a “panegyric on the House of Douglas as a whole.”